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Free Tarrant County Bail Bond with Attorney Retention Agreement



Our justice system seems to have forgotten that bond is not to be use as an instrument of oppression but is merely a deposit to ensure the appearance of the defendant in court.  This abuse has resulted in excessive bond amounts that only serves to line the pockets of greedy bail bondsmen.  County taxpayers are burdened with paying for free room and board at the already overcrowded county jail for our neighbors who can't raise the cash to bond out.  As an attorney, Todd Rash is allowed to post attorney bonds for the convenience of his clients.  Todd provides this service free of charge to his clients. 

The Todd Rash Law Group is careful to limit conflicts of interest that can be present when a defense attorney is also the bondman due to the best interest of the bondsman not always being in the best interest of the defendant.  For this reason, the Todd Rash Law Group limits client bonds to $5,000 per bond.  If the initial bond exceeds this amount, the Todd Rash Law Group will usually seek a reduction in the bond amount from the court.   

Hiring an attorney right away is often the fastest way for a family member or friend  to be release from jail.  One big advantage that attorneys have over bondsmen is that an attorney can file a writ bond or file bond motions that may help him to secure the quickest possible release of his client.

Todd Rash has helped many of our neighbors be released from jail, and can he can help you too. Todd can give you an estimate of the anticipated attorney fee over the phone and electronically process the paperwork and payment information. Call Todd at (817) 808-2247 for immediate jail release.

Tarrant County Booking Process After Arrest:

After being arrested, a person is taken to a city or to the Tarrant County Corrections Center (100 N. Lamar, Fort Worth, Texas 76196) for the booking process. Booking is the process by which law enforcement take the arrestee's name, fingerprints, mug shot, and all other information required under law and county procedure. Their personal property is inventoried and stored. 

The arrestee will usually appear before a magistrate (a judge) the following morning or later.  A criminal defense attorney will often be able to speed up the process -sometimes by a considerable amount of time. The magistrate will review charge and supporting documents, and the inmate's criminal history. The magistrate will determine the amount of the bail bond assuming a bond is appropriate.  

A bail bond is an amount of money that a person who is arrested and booked into jail may pay to be released from jail. The bond acts as a security deposit to ensure that the arrestee attends future court hearings. The more serious the offense or the more extensive the criminal history, the higher the bond should be set. If you skip a court date or flee, your bond may be revoked or forfeited and an arrest warrant will be issued. 

Types of Bail Bonds Allowed in Tarrant County

1) Personal Bonds:

After a few days or weeks in jail, some low risk offenders may be interviewed by the Tarrant County Pre-Trial Services Office. The Pre-Trial Services Office determines whether the inmate qualifies for a personal bond. The inmate is not required to deposit any money with Tarrant County but there is a small administrative fee of the greater of $20 or 3% of the stated bond amount. However, like both cash and surety bonds, a defendant is still liable for the full bond amount if the personal bond is revoked or forfeited.

Only Pre-Trial Services or your attorney can recommend a personal bond to a judge. Pre-Trial Services' criteria is very strict and the arrestee usually sits in jail for several days or weeks before being interviewed by Pre-Trial Services.  If Pre-Trial Services recommends against personal bond, an attorney can still present a personal bond to the Magistrate for consideration of release. 

2) Cash Bond:

A cash bond means simply paying the full amount in cash - meaning the EXACT amount of cash to the penny as the Tarrant County Bond Desk cannot make change. The Tarrant County Bond Desk does not accept credit cards, personal checks, money orders, cashier's checks or any other forms of payment.  Tarrant County keeps the cash bond until the case is resolved.  This usually takes months or even years.

3) Surety Bond:

When a bail bondsman is involved, it is called a surety bond. A surety bond means you pay the bail bondsman a percentage of the bond, usually 10% to 30% of the face amount of the bond plus fees.  The bondman is liable for the full amount if the bond is forfeited. The amount you pay the bondsman is a fee for the bondsmans service that you do not get back. Bondsmen require a co-signer, who will be liable for the full amount of the bond if bail is revoked or forfeited. The co-signer may also be required to offer collateral such as real estate or a vehicle.

If bail is set very high, it can be necessary to work with a bail bondsman. The Todd Rash Law Group works with reputable bail bonds companies to help secure release for clients with high bond amounts that cannot otherwise be reduced.

Todd Rash is an experienced aggressive jail release attorney who has helped many arrestees obtain quick releases from jails as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Hiring an attorney should be the first step when a family member or friend is in jail, both to get him or her out of jail and to ensure his or her rights are protected. Call Todd Rash now at (817) 808-2247 for fastest jail release possible.


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